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I’m currently available for projects starting July 2017. Send me an email and we’ll get started.

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Hey there!

You’ve just bid on a really cool project and you want to expand your team’s capabilities. You want to see things differently, venture into unexplored territory, and make something that will intrigue and delight everyone who encounters it.

I’m your guy.

I’ve been working with real-time graphics, algorithmic techniques and the web professionally for over a decade. I pursue quality in everything I do; I can speak creative, engineering and business; and I love doing this kind of work!

Let’s start with a video chat on Google Hangouts or Skype and talk about:

  • The creative and technical aspects of your project
  • Your client and what their goals are
  • How I can fit in given your budget and timeframe

Sound good? Send me an email and let me know your availability.

Nathan Selikoff

P.S. I work with individuals too, not just agencies and studios.

Large-scale Touchscreen Video Wall

Agency Belle & Wissell, Co.
Client Flying Heritage Collection
Deliverables Windows & Mac Apps, node.js infrastructure support servers
Tech Cinder, OpenGL, C++, Ember.js, d3.js, JavaScript, node.js
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Working off of Belle & Wissell's excellent wireframes and art direction, I created the software and fleshed out the UX for this massive interactive wall (Eight 98-inch large-scale touchscreens) at the Flying Heritage Collection. Concept, Design, CMS, Hardware, Buildout: Belle & Wissell, Co.

3D City Built From Networked Nodes

Agency Red Antler
Client Grayscale
Deliverables Images and Animations
Tech Cinder, OpenCV, OpenGL, C++, OpenStreetMap, GeoJSON
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Using 3d building data from OpenStreetMap, I filled a virtual city with nodes and connections to create background images and animations for Grayscale, a company in the digital currency space. Concept and Art Direction: Red Antler

Kinect-Driven Interactive Van Gogh Painting

Agency Depeña Studio
Client Discovery Place
Deliverables Interactive Installation
Tech openFrameworks, OpenCV, OpenGL, C++, Kinect
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Having just completed a residency at Discovery Place, artist Ivan Depeña hired me to do the programming for this commission, which accompanied the Van Gogh Alive exhibition at Discovery Place. Concept and Art Direction: Ivan Depeña. More info »

Interactive Touchscreen Kiosk

Agency Belle & Wissell, Co.
Deliverables Windows & Mac Apps
Tech Ember.js, d3.js, JavaScript, Electron
Other View Video

I created the custom software powering this unique touchscreen Table Experience that allows visitors to explore stories behind the artists and artworks in the museum's collection. Concept, Design, CMS, Hardware, Buildout: Belle & Wissell, Co. More info »

Interactive Video Wall

Agency Razorfish Emerging Experiences
Client Large well-known wireless carrier
Deliverables Windows App
Tech Cinder, OpenGL, C++, Kinect

Touchscreen experience on a multi-monitor video wall for a flagship store in a prime location; part of a 4 person team for this one experience, which was one of many in the space. Concept, Design, CMS, Hardware, Buildout: Razorfish

Algorithmic Art Controlled By Leap Motion

Agency self
Client self
Deliverables Windows & Mac Apps
Tech Cinder, OpenGL, C++, Leap Motion Controller
Other View Video

Using advanced GPU processing techniques with the Cinder framework, I created this cross-platform experimental art app that allows the user to interact with a million shifting and swirling colored points by waving their hands in the air. More info »

Interactive Art For Live Orchestra

Agency Keith Lay
Client Orlando Philharmonic
Deliverables Live Visual Performance
Tech Processing, Quartz Composer, TouchOSC, VDMX, Wiimote
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In a delightful collaboration with composer Keith Lay, I helped conceptualize this single movement work for orchestra, surround sound electronics, and EWI. My main role was to create and perform the realtime visuals for the 48’ LED billboard. Photos courtesy Jim Shelton. More info »

Kaleidoscopic Visual Effects Plugins

Agency Anne Spalter Studios
Client Anne Spalter
Deliverables Visual Effects Plugins
Tech Quartz Composer, React.js, three.js, WebGL, HTML5, JavaScript, ExtendScript, FxFactory Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud
Other View Video 1, Video 2

Accomplished video artist Anne Spalter hit upon constraints in the off-the-shelf plugins she was using for her work, so I created custom After Effects and Photoshop plugins for her that expanded her creative possibilities. Photos courtesy Anne Spalter. More info »

Arduino Powered Mathematical Visualization

Agency self
Client self
Deliverables Interactive Sculpture
Tech Processing, openFrameworks, OpenGL, C++, Arduino, SketchUp
Other View Video 1, Video 2, Video 3

I created this hand-crafted black box that allows the viewer to explore a chaotic dynamical system (strange attractor) in realtime with audiovisual feedback. Previsualized in SketchUp, prototyped in Processing, and deployed in openFrameworks on an embedded fanless computer running Ubuntu. More info »

Orbiting Nodes Representing High-End Properties

Agency Halfnine
Client Sunland Group
Deliverables iPad App
Tech Cinder, OpenGL, iOS SDK, Objective C, C++

Utilizing Cinder’s ability to deploy to iOS, I created a unique interactive interface to an iPad app for Sunland Group, one of Halfnine’s most discerning clients. After completing the OpenGL portion, I handed it back to Halfnine and Aspyre Apps for the build out of the rest of the app. More info»

Population Simulation Of Virtual Stickpeople

Agency self
Client self
Deliverables Realtime Video Installation
Tech OpenGL, C++
Other View Video

Every 5 minutes, a fledgling virtual world awakens with stickpeople in this continuously running installation. The stickpeople go through a lifecycle from birth to death, following my simple rules of interaction that produce surprisingly complex behaviors. More info »

Transition Animations For Flip-Dot Display

Agency Depeña Studio
Client Royal Caribbean
Deliverables Animations
Tech Processing, ffmpeg

Using Processing, I generated a number of transition videos of swarming and bubbling shapes to the strict specifications required by the flip-dot display used in this art installation by Ivan Toth Depeña, called Towards a Fading Sign, which is aboard Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas. Art Direction: Ivan Depeña

Abstract Spherical Generative Visuals

Agency CandyStations
Client Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, and Nico Muhly
Deliverables Quartz Composer compositions
Tech Quartz Composer

I created a set of tweakable Quartz Composer compositions to add to the arsenal of effects Deborah Johnson had at her fingertips to create the unique spherical projections for Planetarium - Sufjan Stevens, Bryce Dessner, and Nico Muhly’s collaborative song cycle project. More info »

Interactive Art For Live Organ Music

Agency Wil Smith
Client New Music Miami Festival
Deliverables Live Visual Performance
Tech Processing, VDMX

To accompany an evening length performance of new classical music for organ, Wil Smith composed a series of electronic works—interstitials—and asked me to craft some visuals for them. Using Processing and a minimal aesthetic, I created imagery that was projected onto the organ pipes at two concerts, in Miami and Brooklyn. More info »

Interactive Touch-Screen Data Viz

Agency SuperTouch
Client AT&T
Deliverables Code
Tech Cinder, TUIO, OpenGL, C++, SQL

SuperTouch enlisted my assistance to meet a tight deadline to expand the AT&T Mobile lab with an interactive data visualization for a large touch screen display. Starting with an Excel spreadsheet, I brought the data into an SQLite database and created a Cinder app to explore it.

Prototype Internal Corporate Web App

Agency Schema Design
Client Under NDA
Deliverables Web App
Tech Ember.js, d3.js, JavaScript

Currently Under NDA.

“Nathan is one of those exceedingly rare people who combine communication skills and aesthetic sense with excellent and timely programming. A joy to work with.”

Anne Morgan Spalter, Artist and author of The Computer in the Visual Arts

“During our creative meetings, I found Nathan to understate his abilities and stay conservative on his promises. Yet, just look at Four Dimensions, and you’ll see that his bar is just much higher than everyone else’s!”

Keith Lay, Composer

“Nathan is well rounded and an asset to any team with his blend of creative, technical leadership, and project managerial skills. He is expert with architecting and engineering sophisticated code as well as mentoring his team towards results.”

Rajiv Menon, Founder/Solution Architect at Informulate