Hi, I'm Nathan Selikoff!

I help design teams bring interactive experiences to life

With over 20 years in production environments, here are some of my creative coding specialties:

Cross-platform 2D/3D graphics programming

OpenGL, WebGL; Cinder, openFrameworks; C++, JavaScript; web or desktop (Electron, Awesomium)

Parameterized design systems

Blend data-driven and algorithmic design with art direction; output to video, hi-res imagery, or interactive

Gesture, multi-touch, motion and sensors

Kinect, Leap Motion, TUIO, infrared, cameras, projection, low-level gesture recognition

Interactive data visualization

Data collection, cleaning and analysis; design and prototyping; production builds with d3, three.js

Real-time geospatial data pipelines

Spatiotemporal data, OpenStreetMap, Google Maps API, Mapbox GL, application architecture, devops

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“Nathan is one of those exceedingly rare people who combine communication skills and aesthetic sense with excellent and timely programming. A joy to work with.”
Anne Morgan Spalter, Artist and author of The Computer in the Visual Arts
“Nathan is well rounded and an asset to any team with his blend of creative, technical leadership, and project managerial skills. He is an expert in architecture, engineering sophisticated code, and mentoring his team towards results.”
Rajiv Menon, Founder/Solution Architect at Informulate
“During our creative meetings, I found Nathan to understate his abilities and stay conservative on his promises. Yet, just look at Four Dimensions, and you’ll see that his bar is just much higher than everyone else’s!”
Keith Lay, Composer